Via Sorgeto, 35 – (loc. Panza) – 80075 Forio d’ Ischia (Na) – Italia
Tel.: +39 081 90 81 02 | Fax: +39 081 90 92 77 | Cell.: +39 328 43 27 802

GPS Coordinates: 40.704774, 13.878251

The island of Ischia can be reached by ferry boats that allow the transportation of vehicles leaving from the Calata di Massa or Pozzuoli harbour, or by the faster hydrofoils for passengers only departing from Molo Beverello or Mergellina harbours.

Local buses or taxis travel to the harbours; a shuttle service is also available every thirty minutes from Naples airport Capodichino to the Beverello harbour only.

When you arrive on the island you can reach the small town of Panza (in the municipality of Forio, about 7 km away from Villa Caterina) by local buses leaving just from the harbour, or by taxis and the typical “micro taxis”.

The bus stop nearer to the hotel is located in Panza. With this bus it is possible to reach in few minutes the Citara beach, the little village Sant’Angelo, the Poseidon gardens and the most interesting places of the island.

The hotel organises the transfer to and from the airport and the train station in Naples and has fair arrangements with the Grand Garage Victoria.
Corso Garibaldi, 390 – Napoli – tel. +39
The garage is always open and under video-surveillance; an hour before the embarkation the free shuttle service brings the guests to the harbours Calata Massa, Molo Beverello and Mergellina. The same happens the way back.
The day charge for a car is 13 € per day.

Navigation Companies

Shuttle Sevice

Since the hotel is located in a very special place on the island, it cannot be not very close to the centre, but the nearest village, Panza, is only 1 km away from it.
The whole day long, till 11.30 p.m., the hotel organises a free shuttle service to the village of Panza – apart from the time of the meals (08/10-12.30/14.30-20.00/21.30) when the personal is busy in the restaurant. In the same time the hotel provides also a shuttle service to the Dependance.
The hotel can arrange transport to and from the airport or train station in Naples.


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